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Placement Tests

In accordance with Arkansas law, first time, degree-seeking students are tested in Math and English, and Reading and are placed in classes based on test scores and other criteria.  North Arkansas College adopts appropriate placement measures which are supported by student success data. North Arkansas College develops an institutional placement plan for Arkansas Higher Education Coordinating Board.  The College accepts ACT or Accuplacer scores for placement purposes.  In addition, high school GPA and duration from the last mathematics and English courses are also considered. bg真人游戏注册 requires that full-time, degree-seeking students who are placed into college preparatory classes register for those classes upon initial enrollment at the college.  

Students interested in taking the ACCUPLACER placement exam should contact the bg真人游戏注册 Testing Center for further information or to schedule a testing appointment.

North Arkansas College is a designated regional testing center for the ACT.  The examination is administered on specified national testing dates throughout the year with residual testing available for those unable to take the examination on the scheduled days.  Information and registration forms regarding the ACT may be obtained from a high school counselor or from the Advising or Admissions Office at bg真人游戏注册.

North Arkansas College also provides a complimentary resource for individuals who want to refresh their math, English and writing skills before taking the Accuplacer test. Download the app.

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